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I totally think it’s possible for you to feel fully energized, healthy and vibrant, but I’m wondering if something’s holding you back?

What would you do if you got your health back?

Is your health a struggle? Are you confused at what to eat and how much to eat? Does your digestive system work poorly where bloating, cramping and gas are all too common? Do you need to lose weight? Are you tired all the time?

You don't have to struggle with this alone. Dr. Meghan is a chiropractor and specializes in natural healing through nutrition, supplementation, detoxification and a healthy lifestyle. Learn more on how she can help you below.

  • Customized approach to healing. It is not a one-size-fits-all program, nutrition plan or diet. All recommendations are given based on your individual body

  • All consultations are done virtually via Skype or the phone so Dr. Meghan can help you from anywhere

  • We will get to the root cause of your health issues instead of putting a bandaid on your symptoms

  • Healing takes time and Dr. Meghan guides and encourages you through the whole process through the help of her programs

  • Dr. Meghan helps you cut the confusion of all of the different diets, nutrition plans, get-fix-quick programs and other conflicting health information. She will get you on the right lifestyle plan for your body

  • Learn how to fuel your body with healthy foods for a lifetime which make you feel energetic and alive

  • Learn how to grocery shop and meal plan the healthy way and save time and money

  • Dr. Meghan teaches you how to heal your body, live a healthy life and gives you action steps after each consultation for you to implement your changes

Why Work with Dr. Meghan?

Dr. Meghan helps women struggling with digestive symptoms, inability to lose weight, and uncontrolable food cravings heal their gut so they can feel better, look better, and finally lose weight for good.
Rediscover your confidence, energy, and vitality. All without the incredible weight of being overwhelmed by it all.
Dr. Meghan has has walked her own healing journey through getting her own gut well through natural means after almost 10 years of feeling sick. Her education along with her personal experiences makes Dr. Meghan a great fit for you.

Dr. Meghan specializes in

  • Digestion System symptoms such as bloating, gas, constipation, food allergies, heartburn and stomach aches
  • Customized approach to nutrition, supplementation and detoxification
  • Finding Food Allergies and Learn to Avoid Them
  • Teaching you how to live a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Weight Loss without Starvation or Deprivation. Real weight loss is done through proper food, exercise and getting your body healthy
  • Healing you Find Freedom with Food

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It has truly been a gift having Dr. Meghan as my doctor. Not only does she have a tremendous knowledge base, but she also was a source of constant encouragement as she pushed me forward through my health journey. She was able to pinpoint the exact reasons why my digestion had been off and was able to restore the energy levels that I had years ago. If you are looking for a doctor to hold your hand along the journey and inspire you to reach new heights when it comes to your health, Dr. Meghan is the right doctor for you.

- Michelle

Frequently Asked Questions

How does health coaching work?

Dr. Meghan does all of her consultations virtually via Skype or over the phone. This allows for Dr. Meghan to work with women from all around the country?

How much will this cost?

Each appointment is different in cost because they are customized to your body's needs. Each person starts with an initial appointment to determine what the next steps are. The initial appointment is $225 and is a 90 minute appointment.

How do I learn more before I commit?

Dr. Meghan wants you to be just as sure about working with her as she is about you. Dr. Meghan offers a complimentary 15 minute phone call to learn if her health coaching is right for you and if she can help you. Want to schedule your Intro call now? Click Here

What does each appointment look like?

Each appointment with Dr. Meghan ranges from 30-90 minutes an it includes a time of education, answering questions and putting together your customized protocol and supplement recommendations.

How do I make an appointment?

Dr. Meghan has an online scheduling calendar where you can schedule and re-schedule your appointments quickly and easily. If you are ready to set up your introductory phone call you can click here for the calendar.

How do I pay?

You will pay online via Paypal, which is a safe and secure way to pay on the internet.

Ready to Begin?

To get more information about working with Dr. Meghan, Contact Me or Click Here and set up a FREE 20 minute introductory phone consultation

You can also take an Introductory Survey and answer a few questions and Dr. Meghan will get back to you in 24-48 hours.

Dr. Meghan's Education and Certifications

  • 2010- Graduated with Bachelors in Human Biology
  • 2010- Graduated Northwestern College of Chiropractic with Doctorate of Chiropractic (DC)
  • 2010- Completed 48 hour Nutrition Certification with Dr. Bob Rakowski
  • 2010- Completed Integrative Applied Kinesiology Program
  • 2013- The Microbiome Solution to Leaky Gut
  • 2013- 5R Cellular Healing and Detoxification Specialist
  • 2013- Integrative Approach to Diabetes Certification